Building decentralized database services
for the next generation Internet

Introducing SWARMDB

Wolk has adapted Ethereum SWARM to support decentralized NoSQL and content + data marketplaces, powered by the Wolk Token (WLK)

Wolk Token Sale Complete!

The Wolk token sale completed on October 2017! Wolk Tokens are used to store and retrieve content+data in SWARMDB. Please check our roadmap!

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Build your decentralized app using SWARMDB

Ready to build the next generation Internet? We are too. Learn the advantages of unstoppable, uncensorable, secure data storage.                                                                         

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Earn Wolk tokens for storage, content and data

Got extra storage and bandwidth to provide? Do you have valuable content and data for the world? You can earn Wolk tokens by providing access to your computing resources, content and data.

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Wolk + Ethereum SWARM Database Services:
How it works


Decentralized Apps (left) send Wolk tokens to storage providers and retrieve data from SWARMDB in secure, unstoppable ways.

Wolk Tokens

Behind the scenes, Wolk tokens are transferred from buyers to (1) providers of decentralized data storage and (2) the owners of content and data in decentralized content + data marketplaces.

Storage Providers & Content/Data Owners

Storage Providers (right) earn Wolk Tokens when DApps retrieve SWARMDB chunks. Content and Data Owners (right) earn Wolk when data buyers retrieve their content via decentralized data exchange.

Wolk In The News

Meet the Team

With over 100+ years experience in scaling microtransactions in mobile advertising and data science

Sourabh Niyogi


Sonia Gonzalez


Rodney Witcher

SVP of Product/Bus Dev

Michael Chung

PM/Protocol Dev

Mayumi Matsumoto

Data Scientist

Alina Chu

Data Scientist/Quantative Analyst

Bruce Han

Software Engineer

Jaime Castaneda

Graphic Designer

Anand Ray

System Analyst

Partners & Advisors

Advisor + Partner