Sell Storage + Content / Data, Earn Wolk tokens

Earn Wolk Tokens from your Storage, Content + Data

Got great content you want to share? Excess storage? Share it with SWARMDB. All you do is download and run the SWARMDB client and you’ll begin earning Wolk tokens.

Participate Anonymously, Securely, Safely

SWARMDB only stores random blocks of data on your machine. You’re only known by your Ethereum address. The rest is up to you.

Support Freedom and Web3

With SWARMDB, you support anti-censorship and the unstoppable movement to take back control of the Internet.

How to Earn Wolk tokens

1. Download Ethereum SWARMDB

Run the Ethereum SWARMDB client on your Unix, Mac or PC. Supply your Ethereum address and you will see Wolk tokens (WLK) in your account.

2. Upload Content and data, Earn Wolk Tokens

When you upload content and data to SWARMDB, you can choose to make it publicly searchable. When others obtain your content, you earn Wolk Tokens.

3. Sell Wolk Tokens

Need to pay bills? Exchange your Wolk tokens on any number of exchanges or use our automated token exchanger to get back ETH.

Get on the Beta List for SWARMDB to earn Wolk tokens

SWARMDB Client Available Q1 2018 for Mac, Linux and PC